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Our Pride 2021 Collection

Lead With Love

Our LGBTQ+ community is magic because it is filled with individual lights shining and defining in their own space.

This Pride, we’re celebrating the unique stories that build our whole with a collection featuring a rainbow inspired by the diversity of LGBTQ+ identities. Distinctive yet evolving, bold yet soft. Sometimes intersecting. Always powerful. A vibrant tribute to the magic of showing up how you want and how you are, and a reminder that wherever someone is on their journey, their color shines bright.
“My Intersectionality is that I am a Black, Lesbian Woman fighting for the liberation of all my identities without separation. All Black Lives Matter.”

- Elisha, Peloton Member
“Not everyone's experience is the same and journeys are complex and varied. We need to be open to the idea that identities are not always fixed and they don't always fit into neat categories. And that is ok!”

- Mary Alice, Peloton Member
“When you have the opportunity to show yourself, who you really are with no fear of being judged, it's an amazing experience. The Peloton LGBTQ+ community embraces diversity in a very special way and makes us feel like a really big family.”

- Valmir, Peloton Member
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“My identity is multifaceted and it doesn't fit into a box. I am proud to be the son of immigrants and a member of the LGBTQ+ and Asian American communities. I take pride in my LGBTQ+ identity by embracing all the freedoms, quirks and conventions that make me me.”

- Matt, Peloton Member
“My Trans status is incredibly important to my identity, it shapes how I see the world and how I express myself. I’m also a Black man which is a whole other experience and facet of my identity but it makes me who I am.”

- Jack, Peloton Team Member
“My truth means that I no longer have to hide, lie, live in solitude, fear or rejection. In my truth I am able to show up as me, to hold my partners hand, to live in light and love.”

- Mariela, Peloton Team Member

Many Bright Lights.

One Vibrant Community.

Many Bright Lights.

One Vibrant Community.
“Pride to me is home, the home that we are all worthy of. A home that celebrates us as we discover who we are, a home that keeps us safe, that never makes assumptions about us, that grows and changes with us, a home that holds us up.”

- Anne, Peloton Team Member
“Growing up, I didn't see a lot of queer South Asian representation even though the subcontinent has a rich history of embracing queer identities. It wasn't until I met other queer South Asians that I started to embrace all parts of my identity.”

- Ashni, Peloton Team Member
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